BST HyperTEK, a powerful electric motorcycle with an intriguing design

The arrival of new electric motorizations to cars and motorcycles is causing brands to dare with designs that seemed unthinkable a few years ago. Check out the special work by South African-based Blackstone TEK (BST), a two-wheeled BST HyperTEK model, which could serve as inspiration for future brands.

The HyperTEK is the result of the collaboration between SA’s BST and Pierre Terblanche, creator of iconic designs such as the Ducati 999, SportClassic, Multistrada, or Hypermotard. This radically minimalist e-motorcycle impresses with its technical data was unveiled in November at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. It is expected to go into production in two years’ time.

The 4.75 kWh battery is sufficient for a range of 300 kilometers.
The 4.75 kWh battery is sufficient for a range of 300 kilometers.

It is an electric motorcycle, with a very strange design, but at the same time really attractive. If you take your eyes off the breathtaking look for a short time, you will see technical data that may give designers of some combustion bikes a headache.

The HyperTEK has a monocoque carbon fiber chassis and an 80kW electric motor that delivers 107 hp of power and 120 Nm of instantaneous torque. Another interesting fact is that connected to a fast charger, it charges in just 30 minutes. The 4.75 kWh battery is sufficient for a range of 300 kilometers (186 miles).

3 adjustable seat height levels are available.
3 adjustable seat height levels are available.

Of course, the HyperTEK has carbon fiber components and thus manages to leave the weight in a commendable 205 kg with three adjustable seat height levels. The battery, which is usually a visual problem, is uniquely and nicely positioned. Its wheelbase is 1480 mm, and its tire dimensions are 120/55-17 in the front and 180/60-17 in the rear.

Wheelie & Traction Control, Cruise Control & Hill Stop, Built-in sound generator, and other technical assistance systems are on board, despite the fact that this e-motorcycle looks pretty stripped. So the HyperTEK should be able to move dynamically, especially since the full torque is immediately available. All electromechanical parts are integrated into a compact and elegant motorcycle. The acceleration and maximum speed were not stated by the BST manufacturer, but we have no doubt that its performance is outstanding.

Blackstone employed their own 17-inch Rapid Teck wheels.
Blackstone employed their own 17-inch Rapid Teck wheels.

There are no classic steering wheel instruments, and instead, BST, together with Japanese helmet manufacturer CrossHelmet, develops an integrated head-up display that displays all the important motorcycle information directly in the helmet. Mirrors are absent too, and a camera projects the rear view onto the HUD.

The problem for anyone looking to get a BST HyperTEK lies in the fact that this small-batch e-bike should cost almost €72,000 (more than $80,000) once it arrives on the market.


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