Friday, April 12, 2024

A.Brolly Stonehenge: The most Eco-friendly umbrella in the world

When we hear about an umbrella, thoughts hit the mind that umbrella is to save from rainwater. Also, the trouble cause while using it. Sometimes it is hard to open, has to fight the wind, getting wet in the rain when getting in or out of the cars, etc.

In 2014, the reverse umbrella was invented to overcome some of these problems but have not solved all the problems.

To combat more such usual problems, A.Brolly Stonehenge umbrella is designed, featuring the latest technologies and the environment in mind. This umbrella is devised with a rotatable canopy, a super easy-to-close structure, and a very large-sized canopy. The UK based Grant Barnett Designs LLP is behind this eco-minded campaign.

They assert A.Brolly Stonehenge is one of the most eco-friendly umbrellas in the world. It is crafted from recycled PET bottles and treated with waterless dyeing process.

Equipped of patented Vortex and AntiBlaster technologies, A.Brolly Stonehenge, the greenest umbrella in the world. This technology is embedded into the shaft of the umbrella to make it extremely effortless to close. Likewise, the self-locking shaft which seamlessly controls the closing of the umbrella and prevents the shoot open.

A.Brolly Stonehenge Canopy
A.Brolly Stonehenge Canopy

The canopy size is 122cm diameter when opened, which is enough to protect five adults. Simply, your entire family or the two adults shoulder by shoulder are protected under this umbrella.

A team says, “We employ the cutting-edge AquaOff® technology to eliminate water use in the dyeing process of the fabric. Assembly of the umbrella is carried out in our factory which covers the title of the most environmentally progressive umbrella factory in the world.”

“Every aspect of production and all machinery are set up so that the least amount of energy as possible is used in the assembly of the umbrella. This makes the A.Brolly Stonehenge the most environmentally focused umbrella in the world!”

A.Brolly Stonehenge Specifications
A.Brolly Stonehenge Specifications

It tasted against a strong wind. They held Stonehenge on a car and drove up to 100km/h. A.Brolly Stonehenge withstands this challenge.

How will you carry this amazing umbrella?

A.Brolly Stonehenge Carabiner
A.Brolly Stonehenge Carabiner

They said, “We just added a carabiner which allows you to hook your A.Brolly Stonehenge on your backpack, briefcase or shopping bag to free up your hands as well as space required to carry the umbrella.”

It is available in three colors as Blue, Brown, and Black. Also, a team has lowered your efforts to carry this umbrella by providing multiple-usage, shock-resistant, and waterproof travel pouch.