Saturday, June 22, 2024

British engineers successfully test the world’s first Jet Suit paramedic

British engineers and paramedics say they have successfully tested a special Gravity Jet Suit for rescue missions. During a test flight at the Lake District National Park in England, the Gravity Industries founder and Chief Test Pilot Richard Browning flew from the valley bottom to a simulated casualty site, as the North English rescue service Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) reported. The Gravity Jet Suit is able to cover that distance in 90 seconds, which certainly can save time instead of walking for 30 minutes to the same location.

In the test, the Jet Suit turned out to be “really great”, enthused GNAAS head of operations, Andy Mawson. He is convinced that technology can help to reach patients much faster, for example, in places that are difficult to access. This could shorten their suffering and save lives.

The great advantage of this system is the speed, especially in difficult terrain like the ones usually covered by the GNAAS, in the north of England. The preferred vehicle to service these areas is the helicopter due to the number of geographical accidents and, in many cases, the mere fact that there are no roads suitable for ambulances.

But helicopters also have disadvantages, and that is why GNAAS is interested in this new technology of flying suits, which allow a paramedic to get to a victim soon and apply first aid until the arrival of the rescue team.

We could see the need. What we didn’t know for sure is how this would work in practice. Well, we’ve seen it now, and it is, quite honestly, awesome,” said Andy Mawson, director of operations and paramedic at GNAAS, who identified that Lakes as a possible location for a Jet Suit paramedic.

After the completion of the tests, GNAAS and Gravity Industries will consider opportunities for further cooperation, but the organization has not yet disclosed specific plans.

If this idea is successful, health workers will be equipped with medical equipment, with pain relievers for travelers who may have fractures and pacemakers for those who may have a heart attack. With a Jet Suit, a trip to reach a patient that used to take an hour may only take a few minutes, and that can be the difference between life and death.