Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Brekr Model B, a smart electric two-wheeler with two removable batteries

Electricity combined with two wheels gave us some special models over the last year, beyond the boom in e-bikes. Recently introduced on the market, the Dutch brand Brekr presents its very first creation: the Model-B.

It is a small two-wheeler urban electric and two-seater looking like a moped, which is suitable in particular for use in the city. The Brekr focuses more on a simple, yet sophisticated design.

The Brekr Model B is a curious moped with a chassis and motorcycle-type suspension. It is powered by an electric motor, which, depending on the configuration, allows a maximum top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) or 45 km/h (28 mph).

Housed in the center of the frame, the batteries promise a range of 160 kilometers.
Housed in the center of the frame, the batteries promise a range of 160 kilometers.

The space for a large battery compartment has been made in the under-seat section. It can hold up to two packs, each allowing a range of 50-80 km, of course, depending on your driving style. Overall, the bike thus creates a maximum of 100 to 160 kilometers at a time.

Each battery unit weighs 10 kg, has a power of 1.9 kWh and is recharged in about 5 hours, with Brekr selling it with a 2-year warranty included. Although the weight of the battery is not exactly feather, the saddle allows you to remove it in a few moments, so that it can be recharged even at home.

A simple, yet a sophisticated design.
A simple, yet sophisticated design.

With a battery, the moped weighs 62 kg, making it one of the lightest in circulation. Moreover, the Brekr Model B has an integrated GPS system that allows owners to query the location at any time. The bike can also be paired with mobile devices via a smartphone app, which provides more information such as the state of charge of the batteries.

In order to be noticed in city traffic due to the quiet electric motor, Brekr equips the bike with a special sound effect. Besides, a 2800 lumen halo-lamp as daytime running light ensures you are visible to other road users during the day.

The Brekr Model B is not yet for sale: you can reserve your Brekr Model B on the company website with an advance of 9 euros, and it will cost 3,890 euros. And the first deliveries are expected next year.