Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bollinger Motors, Wabash to develop refrigerated delivery electric truck

Bollinger Motors, a Michigan-based startup that which recently became a majority-owned company of Mullen Automotive, has announced that it partnered with Wabash to develop a stronger, lighter, refrigerated truck body on electric chassis.

Being heavy, the electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) have a reduced payload compared to combustion-engined competitors. However, they can be a promising low-emission solution until fuel cell trucks offer a better alternative. Lighter batteries could help, while another option is to cut weight in their ways.

To solve this problem, Wabash has developed a lightweight composite technology, EcoNex Technology, for use in truck bodies and trailers that will seamlessly integrate with Bollinger’s Class 4 electric chassis cab. Its EcoNex Technology is made from a composite material that is more durable, lighter, and more thermally efficient than other commercial products.

“Wabash’s EcoNex composite technology reduces the amount of electricity needed to maintain cold temperatures,” said Mark Ehrlich, VP of new business development at Wabash. “The all-electric truck we’re developing with Bollinger Motors will be highly efficient with more uptime and less charging compared to conventional construction.”

“I’m excited to help ‘green up’ the journey from farm to table,” said Robert Bollinger, Founder & CEO of Bollinger Motors, who was inspired to start the company while he owned a farm in upstate New York. “We’re confident Wabash’s expertise in commercial transportation, combined with Bollinger’s leadership in Class 4 electrification, will deliver a superior product for customers looking to reduce their carbon footprints.”

Bollinger has not disclosed when this new refrigerated delivery truck will be available for customers.