Monday, June 17, 2024

Boeing launches 777-8 Freighter, world’s largest twin-engine cargo jet

Boeing has launched the new 777-8 Freighter and expanded its market-leading 777X and freighter families of jetliners with an order for up to 50 aircraft from one of the world’s largest cargo carriers, Qatar Airways.

The 777-8 Freighter will be the largest, longest-range, and most capable twin-engine freighter in the industry, with the most payload capacity and a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency, emissions, and operating costs.

Qatar Airways will be the 777-8 Freighter launch customer with a firm order for 34 jets and options for 16 more, a total purchase that would be worth more than $20 billion. The deal was signed at the White House by Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Stan Deal and Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker. The first delivery of the new freighter is anticipated in 2027.

Boeing is designing the 777-8 Freighter to maximize efficiency and environmental performance. It features the same lightweight wing design of the 777X family and innovative technologies, including a new carbon-fiber composite wing and new fuel-efficient engines. The pair of GE9X high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines put out about 100,000 lb of thrust each and are 10% more efficient than their predecessor. With a range of 4,410 nautical miles (8,167 km), the 777-8 Freighter has a maximum structural payload of 118 tonnes, allowing customers to make fewer stops and reduce landing fees on long-haul routes.

“We are delighted to launch Boeing’s next great cargo airplane – the 777-8 Freighter – with Qatar Airways, one of the world’s largest cargo carriers and our partner since the airline began operations 25 years ago,” said Deal. “Our team is ready to create an airplane that will serve them well for many decades. Qatar Airways’ selection of the efficient 777-8 Freighter is a testament to our commitment to provide freighters with market-leading capacity, reliability, and efficiency.”

“We are proud that Boeing provides over 90% of the world’s dedicated freighter capacity. With global supply chains under pressure and high demand for e-commerce, the performance and capabilities of the fleet are more important than ever,” he added.

Boeing will build the 777-8 Freighter in its Everett, Wash., factory. As part of today’s agreement, Qatar Airways will convert 20 of its 60 777X family orders to the 777-8 Freighter. Qatar Airways is also ordering two current 777 Freighters – Boeing’s best-selling freighter of all time – to capitalize on the buoyant air cargo market. Customers from around the world have ordered more than 300 777 Freighters since the program began in 2005.