Tuesday, March 5, 2024

BodyRocks: Feel music with wireless haptics

When you attend any concert may have felt the vibrations rumble inside you. But you no more need to go live at a concert to feel a music inside. Because of a revolutionary technology, BodyRocks, will connect you to the music by translating sound into vibrations.

BodyRocks is dedicated to producing vibrations to enhance the feel of music immersed within you. It will deliver a fully immersive, nuanced, and startling music-listening experience anywhere. While walking on the streets, at home, club, a concert or festival, discretely used by anyone.

Creative team said, “We also want to incorporate more than just the bass in the “feeling” of the music. BodyRocks is giving music listeners (and fans of other forms of media as well) the ability to connect to all of those aspects.”

This BodyRocks system includes BassBelt, Haptic enabled stones and other internal features. This device supports multi-genre and has custom vibration settings. The entire BodyRocks system is IP68 water and dust resistant. It carefully curated with an exceptional immersive experience and have 4-6 hours of battery life.

BodyRocks with Haptic Enabled stones
BodyRocks with Haptic Enabled stones

It analyzes individual audio tracks and transforms the signal into physical vibration. Novel music system will enable you to isolate particular audio tracks such as guitar, drums or frequency ranges into a fantastic sensation.

BodyRocks App
BodyRocks App

It is designed with a dedicated app. Concerning location, the BodyRocks app lets you control where your haptic enabled stones are places. Also, it monitors the intensity of the vibration.

Get one step closer to music you love and let it immerse within you. It uses haptic-enabled stones to produce vibrations. The dedicated software translates those elements into specific vibration patterns. “You can control the Instrument Isolation, Location Optimization, Preset Formats, and Complete Customization through the dedicated App.”

You can even monitor where you want to feel the specific sound on your body with stones or sets of rocks. “Based on research and our study of how the body best processes haptic information, we recommend specific regions on the body for optimal use in the app. But, you have complete flexibility to apply the vibration patterns to any location on your body.”

The BodyRocks system is a low-profile, lightweight music-enhancing system to carry anywhere you go. It is designed with a BassBelt which will deliver rhythmically Bass. It is devised with transducers that drive vibration patterns through your body and can be managed through mobile App.

They specified, “We use Bluetooth technology to sync up to 40 stones with your favorite devices. Each stone can be charged through Qi-Enabled inductive charging for a truly wireless experience, keeping your stones safe from anything like water or dust from entering.”

The dedicated BodyRocks App enables you to sync to multiple stones, control format of your music and spread it to the entire body through 40 stones connected to a system.  It is iOS/Android compatible. Quickly connect via Bluetooth and enjoy the vibrations on the go.

The app is designed with popular music formats such as Indie Rock, Electronic, Guitar Vibe, Chillout, Chill Wave and EDM. These stones can stick anywhere on your body. BodyRocks will be one of the favorite gadgets with its IP68 rating and wireless charging.