Monday, May 27, 2024

BMW Motorrad unveiled the Classic version of the BMW R 18

Recently, BMW Motorrad launched the BMW R 18 cruiser motorcycle. After the BMW R 18 First Edition, the company is now presenting the second member of the family: the R 18 Classic.

Equipped with the same centerpiece as the First Edition, the Classic has a two-cylinder 1.8-liter engine that produces 91 horses and 150-newton meters in torque. As in common with the R 18 is the double-cradle frame in steel tubes with a rear swingarm that sees the shaft transmission in axis and in view.

The R 18 Classic is a modern cruiser with a nostalgic sense of BMW design.
The R 18 Classic is a modern cruiser with a nostalgic sense of BMW design. Credit: BMW Motorrad

It differs from the well-known R 18 for the large removable windshield in the style of an old police patrol motorbike, a passenger seat, an LED headlight, auxiliary lighting, a pillion seat, standard cruise control, floorboards, a pair of saddlebags, and the 16-inch front wheel.

The windshield is inserted into the fork at the top and connected at the bottom with locking brackets on the grab bar, which also carries the headlight and additional turn signals. The saddlebags each offer 15.5 liters of luggage volume. The handlebar is wider; in addition, the R 18 Classic seats are thinner and flat.

We find on the Classic all the iconic elements of the R 18 previously presented. Like the R 18, the Classic features three standard riding modes: “Rain”, “Roll,” and “Rock”. The standard set-up includes ASC (Automatic Stability Control, which can be excluded). The rear suspension (90 mm wheel travel) focuses on a central shock absorber with progressive articulation, while the traditional fork has 49 mm stanchions and 120 mm travel.

This version combines the look of the R 18 with equipment features, featuring the classic black finish with white piping. Other highlights include numerous chrome surfaces, a logo on the saddle, and a chrome plate with “First Edition” lettering on the side covers. The wide choice of different parts available among the original accessories allows a high level of customization.

The new BMW R 18 Classic will be launched worldwide in the R 18 Classic and R 18 First Edition versions, with the standard model reserved for certain markets. The new 2021 BMW R 18 Classic will be available in February 2021. Pricing for the base R 18 is set at $17,495 – BMW has yet to announce pricing for the Classic.