Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bluesphere: First of its kind smartphone stand

Every smartphone user faces several problems related to it. The problems like holding a phone constantly can result in paining your arms. Also, it drops on the face when we are watching something interesting and fall asleep. Besides, most of us are fed up with the short and twisted charging cables.

The smartphone holders are sometimes helpful, but those shaky holders can irritate you while enjoying the smartphone.

So, the inventors at Hurkins company have designed and developed the world’s first wireless charging stand that lets you be hand-free so you can enjoy doing other important work while using a smartphone.

Introducing ‘Bluesphere’, a truly hands-free and first wireless charging smartphone stand. This can be the best smartphone accessory after the invention of the smartphone.

The product is made with a premium quality material that suits any classy or traditional interior. Its ergonomic and elegant design adds the most stylish look to your home decor.

Unlike the vibrant and shaking smartphone holders available in the market, Bluesphere is equipped with vibration-canceling technology. The team used a special elastomer for the vibrations to disappear and create a very robust result.

In addition, it comes with precision three-axis motion that can rotate without any pressure. And this freedom of rotation lets you place it anywhere you want. All the three-axis have a specific shape which increases the usage efficiency.

Bluesphere: Axis Motion
Bluesphere: Axis Motion

Also, the pipe is made with high-quality materials such as 60 series aluminum, S41C steel, and S45C. The micro-mechanics processing technology allows having accurate cuts and perfect surface finishes.

One genius feature that it adopts is its wireless charging technology. Now, you can enjoy your smartphones limitlessly without any fear of discharging batteries. Bluesphere Smart stand supports the fast-wireless charging technique, which can power your smartphones up to 13W power. It is compatible with every smartphone that supports wireless charging.

Bluesphere provide charging up to 13W
Bluesphere provide charging up to 13W

Don’t worry if your phone does not support wireless charging, effortlessly connect the phone directly to its in-built USB charging port.

The conventional phone holder pinches the phone on each side and is not very comfortable. Another way is to hold your phone with a magnet. Yet this method makes you have something stuck on your phone and is not very pleasant to have. However, the Bluesphere has a four-tier suction pad. Simply, connect your smartphone to the stand using the multi-layered Nano-Pad technology and enjoy.

Bluesphere: Nano-pad Technology
Bluesphere: Nano-pad Technology

Inside the axis mount, the patented core coil technology makes sure that the phone does not slide off and keeps it steady with where you position it.

It comes with four installation systems that make it easy to install in any place according to your comfort and convenience – Table clamp, table clip, wall mount, or a floor stand.

Bluesphere can be the best in situations where you need to be hands-free, like cooking, dressing, shaving, having dinner, enjoying games, and much more.