Thursday, May 30, 2024

BlueLed – The World’s First Joystick Controlled Smart Suitcase

Wandering at the airport around endless terminals carrying luggage in both hands and many other things is very unhandy. We had to since no alternatives were there. But not now.

The suitcase industry will change radically with BlueLed, the world’s first joystick-controlled smart suitcase. It has been devised with a unique design and motorized technology.

BlueLed is going to redefine the way you travel. Forget lugging your luggage; now you can drive this remote-controlled smart suitcase horizontally or vertically as you walk or even run with it. It speeds up to 13 km/h (8mph) to run swiftly, and Omni-wheels that rotate 360 degrees make you navigate easily through the crowd.

Besides being joystick-controlled, BlueLed offers features that normal suitcases do not. Two USB ports with protective rain covers enable users to charge their electronics on the go.

Its regenerative technology allows the battery to self-charge when the suitcase is driven downhill or dragged manually. You can now add this innovative suitcase to your shelf to enjoy your travel fully.

BlueLed Carries Your Hand Luggage Too

Rasmus Vinjar, Founder and CEO of BlueLed, explained how he came across this idea, “While waiting at the airport we saw many passengers walking with bags in both hands. Immediately it struck me, how about the hand to hold their baby or that special someone or something? I then wondered how revolutionary would it be if you could control a carry-on suitcase with a small handheld joystick! It will travel with you so you can hold what matters to you most.”

The BlueLed joystick gives you absolute control over your smart suitcase so that you can enjoy your travel hassle-free and hands-free. With its accurate and discrete joystick, you can easily maneuver around obstacles and through crowds of people. All this while your belongings are safe under your eye.

BlueLed’s intelligent approach to design gives travelers easy access to two USB ports to charge their electronics from the bag itself, so they don’t have to hunt for charging points. This ergonomically designed bag also features a frontal pocket for easy access to laptops, tablets, or other electronics, making it easier for travelers to breeze through security.

Additionally, the portable battery makes BlueLed fully compliant with international regulations such as TSA, DOT, FAA, and IATA. So you can safely travel with BlueLed anywhere across the world.

The joystick connects easily with the push of a button. This makes BlueLed a must-have carry-on suitcase for any kind of traveler, from expectant mothers to global jet-setters that are forever on the move.