Thursday, April 18, 2024

BlackTea Moped, a small 50 mph electric motorcycle with a vintage look

Another electric motorcycle manufacturer has arrived in the market! A startup from Munich, Germany, BlackTea Motorbikes, presented its new product with a vintage look to the public and began accepting orders.

Founded by Viktor Sommer, BlackTea Motorbikes set out to build a powerful yet lightweight electric two-wheeler that differs from all Vespa-style electric scooters we’ve seen in recent times.

The BlackTea Moped combines vintage design with insane performance on-road or off-road, regardless. It has an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel that delivers 3 kW of nominal power with peaks up to 5 kW and offers up to 180 Nm of torque. It allows a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph), which is limited to 45 km/h (30 mph) in Europe.

The halo LED lights look sexy & the alarm keeps thieves away.
The halo LED lights look sexy & the alarm keeps thieves away. Credit: BlackTea Motorbikes

The one that can, therefore, be seen as an electric moped has a range of 70 km (43 miles), thanks to a 1.8 kWh battery. The battery can be easily removed for recharging at home or in the office. It takes only four hours to get fully charged via a standard 220-V wall outlet. To have more fun, you can take a friend and a second battery with you.

Mounted on 18-inch wheels, a steel tube chassis, and equipped with hydraulic brakes, the Electric Adventure Moped has a classic ’70s cross look. The seat height is 29.5 inches, and the total weight is 79 kg. The vehicle can withstand rain, dirt, shallow rivers & off-road tracks. Also, it is equipped with two mirrors, indicator lights, reflectors, fenders, license plate carrier, a horn & an LCD display.

BlackTea Moped is now a subject of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where it is available at the early bird pledges of €2,290 (around $2,690). If everything goes to the plan, the shipping is estimated in April 2021.