Birthday Bash with Introverts and Extroverts!

happy birthday

If I would say it’s your birthday today what would you like to do? Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert you would certainly recollect your birth date no matter how.

Birthday is indeed a day you born, but it is actually a day emanation of that one who helps to propagate love, peace, and happiness in at least his own sphere.

Irrespective of all those reasons to celebrate we focus merely that we get a bit more importance, love, priority in any form like gifts, surprises, ‘do not spoil her mood today’ tag, and many more. Even these days number of wishes on social media is one additional landmark to be happy on birthdays.

We are growing up each single day and traversing age-specific milestones designed by legal system it may subject to purchase and consume alcohol, lottery, consent to be called adult to legally terminate the ‘permission concept’ of our parents, to military conscription, consent to vote, marry and even to consent to sexual intercourse and so on.

But, this too has a flip side as along with this happiness to get your freedom, you are bearing the responsibilities on your back.

Leaving this boredom talk we should talk about the celebrating your birthday. How it most of the time starts.

Giving this day a devotional and deep-rooted traditional scent our day starts with a worship (probably enforced by the mother). Apart from this extrovert’s day has already been set for hilarious jollification when the clock struck 12.

Like every coin has a flip side same for the birthday people. There are two types of people simply those who dislike and others who relish celebrating.

Yes, few people think that they should not celebrate their birthdays as they are heading closer to death, some think nothing has changed in their lives then why would they, some find it a waste of time and some even find absonant reasons to ward off spending some bucks.

Notwithstanding the fact, you are aging and one more year closer to death despite crying over you can enjoy the journey. Though nothing has changed in well spent or well wasted years you can ask yourself to give one more chance to yourself instead of wasting and waiting for a dead one more year. Life is not just to earn and accumulate. ‘Money is to save and time is to use up’ it is a normal tendency.

So array spunk on your birthday, ‘use up your saved money and save your time for memories’ and then do check with your happiness graph.

The storm has passed, now those who willing to celebrate their birthdays whether they are introvert or extrovert they can do it multifariously. I found few worth taking things one should do on their birthday just as, there is a person who took all that efforts to get you out in this world is your mother, so far as giving birth or taking birth is the most astonishing thing in this world so she deserves the first gratitude and then the god who has been blessing you with this beautiful life.  Do not forget to thank yourself, it shows gratitude towards yourself too.

Secondly, we should celebrate this day to remind ourselves that this was the very special day when we got such parents, siblings, nation, etc.

If you are an introvert person and do not want to go out with friends then wait still you should not spoil your day, give yourself a break at least buy a piece of cake for yourself. Go out for a long drive. Spend a day with your most favorite thing whether it can be your dearest friend or favorite hobby. If you afford, donate the handsome amount to charity.

Extroverts have numerous things to do and the uppermost is to chill out with friends around. Some like to spend it with family. Few have a day schedule prepared a month ago these are the most excited and happy people no matter what would happen on that day they hope for good even the entire day. Sometimes even they do not give themselves a minute but still, prearrange the plan.

At the end I would only say, no matter what had happen and what will give yourself a day to nurture, chose this one because on this day our beloved want us to be happy that too for 24 hours so why don’t we have a bash over their wishes.

And do not forget to say thank you to those who have taken their time to wish you a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to all having a birthday today.