Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bird Three, the world’s most eco-conscious, safest electric scooter

Bird, a California-based micro-mobility company, has unveiled Bird Three, the world’s most eco-conscious electric scooter specifically designed for shared use. Presented as the most durable, most connected, safest, and environmentally friendly vehicle, the third-generation Bird e-scooter incorporates a series of technical updates.

The Bird Three has a longer wheelbase than its predecessors, a dual-sensor throttle, and a triple braking system with dual independent handbrakes, and an autonomous emergency braking system, which the company says is the first in the industry.

The Bird Three is equipped with a battery with a capacity of up to 1 kWh, meaning it requires less frequent charging and “delivers more miles traveled on a fully charged battery than any other shared scooter available today.” The battery has a claimed lifespan of at least 14,000 miles (22,500 km) and is also encased in hermetically sealed, tamper-proof, industry-leading IP68-rated protection to keep it safe from dust, water, and theft.

Bird Three’s eco-conscious battery is directly linked to its environmental impact, and those with smaller batteries require more frequent charging and power fewer trips per charge. Bird claims that “smaller and swappable batteries lead to higher overall manufacturing emissions and require more vehicle miles traveled to retrieve, replace, and recharge scooters.”

The electric scooter is designed using aerospace-grade A380 mated to an AL6061 extrusion that provides the ability to withstand the rigors of shared use and is backed by more than 60k simulated impact tests. It features automotive-grade, self-sealing pneumatic tires that deliver a soft and stable ride overall surface types without risk of getting a flat or requiring complicated suspension systems.

More than 200 diagnostic sensors monitor each component of Bird Three in real-time to ensure a safe ride each and every time. The scooter can automatically send diagnostic data to Bird when it needs to be repaired. In addition, as soon as a problem is detected that makes it unsafe to continue driving, an automatic emergency braking system is activated to prevent an accident. Besides, high-powered automatic lighting certified to the highest standards of road safety provides superior visibility while riding, even during daylight hours.

The Bird Three will be launched in only a few markets, and its cost has not yet been announced.