Sunday, March 26, 2023

Biktrix launches an all-terrain, dual-battery e-bike with a 320-km range

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Electric bicycles are great alternatives to urban transport and usually much more affordable than any electric motorcycle. In times of pandemic, they have seen a growth in sales that has not happened before in history.

Many e-bike manufacturers are focusing on aesthetics and futuristic designs to stand out in the crowded electric bike market. But instead of relying on a design that is as eye-catching as possible, a Canadian company Biktrix Electric Bikes has launched an entire line up of high-power Juggernaut e-bikes, which should be suitable particularly for long distances.

Biktrix plans to release four Juggernaut Duo models
Biktrix plans to release four Juggernaut Duo models. Credit: Biktrix

In total, Biktrix plans to release four Juggernaut Duo models – the base model of the same name (Juggernaut Duo), Juggernaut Duo mid-motor, Juggernaut HD Duo, and Juggernaut HD + torque sensor. The bikes feature 4.8-inch thick Fat Tires suitable for off-road use, powerful motor options, front suspension, integrated LED lighting options, and the ability to add a second battery for super-long-range riding. It has already installed mudguards, a luggage rack, a sprung front fork, and front and rear lights. Hydraulic disc brakes are also available.

The ebike lineup should be suitable particularly for long distances.
The ebike lineup should be suitable particularly for long distances. Credit: Biktrix

The first two versions are equipped with a 750 W Bafang BBS02 mid-drive motor that boosts torque from 80 to 120 Nm. The Juggernaut HD Duo already offers a 1000W mid-drive motor that puts out a whopping 160 Nm of torque and should therefore be suitable for slopes and off-road terrain. The Juggernaut Duo’s maximum speed with the motor upgrade is 35 mph (55 km/h), while the lower end model Juggernaut Duo has a top speed of 24 mph (38 km/h), with which the bike can also be used legally in Europe.

The energy storage system is divided into two separate batteries: a 910 Wh battery and an 1118 Wh battery. A combined 2,000 Wh of battery promises a whopping 200-mile (320 km) range. A test run from Philadelphia to New York – a distance of around 160 km – was covered in five hours. Due to the speed limit in Europe, such a journey should take longer.

Juggernaut e-bikes can currently be pre-ordered from its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The Duo with a motor limited to 750 watts is available for $1399. The version, which can be adjusted to 1,000 watts, costs $2799. Delivery of the e-bike is scheduled to start in March 2021.

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