Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bend Bottle: The soft, collapsible water bottle

The water bottle is every moment necessity but due to its unfashionable design people avoid to carry. Mazama Designs, an outdoor gear development company destined to provide innovative, high-quality products to add more fun in life, designed Bend Bottle.

Bend Bottle comprised of soft silicone flask wrapped in a stylish insulated jacket. It is crafted with a top spout for sipping or pouring, however, has a wide-mouth screw cap for its base. “The 63 mm screw cap port at the base facilitates filling and cleaning and its wide mouth handles ice cubes readily.”

Bend-Bottle Inspiration
Bend-Bottle Inspiration

They designed this bottle inspiring from a bottle of champagne in hand appeared on one Veuve Clicquot’s beautiful tangerine cover. “Our second thought was, why should champagne have all the fun? We set out to create a similar jacket for a regular water bottle. It soon became clear that the concept offered more than just creating a pretty bottle cover, instead, we might just be able to create a new kind of water bottle.”

It is a pretty combination of a modish and functional insulating jacket with a Silicone bottle. This novel design stands out to be remarkably packable, easy to carry and convenient to drink from. Bend Bottle features exceptional attributes such as lightweight and soft, you can grab it by the handle or finger loop.

It would be the perfect choice for on the go life. A flip spout on the bottle can be covered when not in use. A magnetic cover keeps the spout protected when not in use, yet provides easy access. The bottle is equipped with the finger loop to wrap over the mouthpiece to offer extra secure sealing.

Magnets front and back keep the cover closed or held open for drinking. The jacket exterior uses luggage-grade ballistic nylon to provide durable protection for the inner bottle. An interior insulating layer keeps water cold.

Also, easy to grab and quick access to spout make it safe to drink and drive. Bend Bottle is an excellent choice if you are at home, office, classroom or gym anywhere because of it quiet and spill resistant feature.

Bend Bottle carrying options
Bend Bottle carrying options

The jacket includes an integrated handle, loop, and clip hook to offer multiple options to carry. Therefore, It is comfortable to carry water, save luggage space, hydrate your body quietly, simply with Bend Bottle water is at your fingertips.

Bend Bottle is amazing inside as it is outside. The food-grade Silicone bottle is dishwasher safe. There is no BPA, PVC, or other harmful additives in the bottle. You will not discover any taste of plastic or other element and always tastes fresh. Moreover, Bend Bottle is dishwasher and freezer safe.