Monday, May 20, 2024

Balanx: whole body EMS training suit

The Balanx Tech has brought the world’s first whole body EMS training suit for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Now increase your training efficiency, build muscles faster, burn more calories, and boost athletic performance.

Balanx has unique features that make it different from the other products which use EMS Technology.

Balanx suit is designed as per the user’s convenience. It is made from a super compression fabric (85% polyamide and 15% spandex). It offers full flexibility of movement. The suit implant silver electrode to deliver a pulse to the human body with low impedance.

It is superbly portable and has a 4-hours of battery life. You charge it easily using USB-C port.

How Balanx works?

Balanx suit-When turns on, Balanx will send the electronic signals to the pads on the skin. Those signals then copy the nervous system to initiate muscles action. This excites more intense muscle deflations. All this results in more effective training with less time.

The Balanx hub– controls multiple electrical waveforms that are sent from the Balanx suit. The Hub is the brain of the Balanx. It generates the muscle-building electrical signals. The Hub will generate arbitrary waveforms during the stimulation to make sure the nervous system receives a signal above the threshold of synapse transmit.

Balanx Hub
Balanx Hub

The team has designed and developed Balanx App that provides custom training programs and guides you anytime, anywhere. The app has something for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes, from young to older ones.

EMS Technology enables you to burn fat faster and speed up your recovery more effective. A 20-minute work-out with the Balanx will be equal to a 1-hour session without it.

You can easily make your personalized training plans that match your fitness levels and goals using the Balanx App.

It is very easy to use it:

Simply wear the Balanx suit and attach the Balanx Hub. Connect it with your phone or tablet Via Bluetooth. Then turn it on using the Balanx app.

The Balanx App
The Balanx App

With the Balanx app, you can get your own personal gym at home. Simply follow the instructions given in the app and start your training session. This app also allows you to switch any training courses and manually change parameters.

The app comes with different modes like- Muscle development mode, cardiovascular mode, Relax mode. It will also help you to manually control all the variables of Balanx suit. But note that, you can only use this mode if you are a professional or under a fitness coach’s guidance.

Balanx app modes
Balanx app modes

Moreover, the Balanx has an impulse mode which guides the user during exercise. You no longer need to look at the screen constantly. The impulse frequency and strength will change accordingly to guide users to start, maintain and finish certain movements.

When you finish your workout or exercise, turn on the relax mode to recover your muscles faster.


Balanx specifications
Balanx specifications

Balanx is designed for:

  • people of all the ages,
  • for any physical condition,
  • people with fitness or weight loss goals,
  • for competitive athletes,
  • for workaholics with limited time for exercise

In short, it is for everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals.