Tuesday, April 9, 2024

BAE to deliver Beowulf arctic all-terrain vehicle prototypes to US Army

The US Army has selected BAE Systems to deliver two evaluation prototype arctic field vehicles as a potential solution for the Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program. In June this year, the US Army should receive two prototypes of ‘Beowulf’ arctic field vehicles and thoroughly test them.

BAE Systems’ Beowulf is based on the predecessor BvS 10, which was developed and built by Swdish division of BAE Systems Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik. Multiple variants of the vehicle are already operating in five countries, first going into service with the U.K. Royal Marines in 2005 as the Viking All-Terrain Vehicle (Protected) (ATV(P)).

Beowulf is an unarmored, highly versatile articulated tracked vehicle for carrying cargo and personnel in either of its two compartments across the most challenging terrains. The compartments can move relative to each other, so the vehicle is easily controlled even in rough terrain. Its modular design allows it to be reconfigured for multiple missions, including logistical support, disaster, humanitarian relief, search and rescue, and other scenarios.

Details on the Beowulf are not yet available, but experts still find some similarities with the Viking all-terrain vehicle. If so, then with a weight of 8.5 tons, it will be able to carry up to 12 passengers. It will be powered by a 6-liter Viking Cummins 5.9 liter in-line six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, producing 202 kW (275 hp). It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 65 km/h (40 mph) on roads and 5 km/h (3.1 mph) on water.

Beowulf is an optimal and mature solution for the CATV program, and we look forward to submitting our prototypes with the goal of meeting the Army and Army National Guard’s mission,said Mark Signorelli, vice president of business development at BAE Systems. “Beowulf, and its armored sister vehicle, the BvS10, represent the most advanced vehicles in the world when it comes to operating anywhere, whether it’s snow, ice, rock, sand, mud, swamp, or steep mountainous environments. And its amphibious capability allows it to swim in flooded areas or coastal waters.”

The CATV program is designed to replace the aging fleet of Small Unit Support Vehicles (SUSVs), also built by BAE Systems Hägglunds and known internationally as the BV206, that have been in service worldwide since the early 1980s.