Backpack with a built-in charging station and 6-level anti-theft protection

A new backpack introduced on the market recently will deter your fear of losing your important belongings. As the creators have named it ‘RoySmart’ its features will prove. Because this exceptional backpack is devised with a built-in charging station, a 6-level anti-theft protection and have a capacity of 30L.

As well as, RoySmart have requisite compartments for your electronic and daily belongings. It is best to charge all your portable devices fast and on the go. Its built-in 15600mAh rechargeable PD battery and detachable battery module enable you to charge devices readily.

RoySmart Fast Charging Technology
RoySmart Fast Charging Technology

This backpack adopts the projected fast charging technology and made device potentially viable with the QC 3.0 standard and Power Delivery standard. Which provides backpack a potential to charge your devices fastly in few minutes.

RoySmart has an external type-C USB port and built-in Type-C USB able to offer an easy charging whether inside or outside. It can charge devices like Laptop, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, Smartphone etc in minutes.

RoySmart visible charging cable
RoySmart visible charging cable

Also, built-in flowing light visible cable makes the charging look more engrossing.

It uses Red, Orange, Blue and Green colors to show remaining power capacity of the battery. The external Type-C Port provides up to 45W can support both input and output to enable charging through the external port without taking out of the battery. RoyPack can be recharged through the Type-C port on the side of the backpack.

RoySmart anti-theft protection
RoySmart anti-theft protection

A 6-level anti-theft protection system includes Bluetooth Finder, TSA Lock, Side Wire lock, Cut-Resistant Fabric, Secret pockets, and Hidden YKK zipper. I guess, it is enough to keep our mind calm and enjoy the beautiful world when on travel or trips.

Let’s learn how this 6-level anti-theft protection system works. You can connect your RoySmart with your phone through a dedicated App easily with Built-in Bluetooth Finder Module at the bottom. If you forget your backpack you will get the ringtone alert on your phone.

Likewise, integrated TSA Lock and retractable Side Wire can lock your backpack on the luggage carrier. Besides, there are some secret pockets to treasure your important items such as wallet, phone, passport, keys, etc.

RoySmart with major compartments
RoySmart with major compartments

RoySmart comes with five major compartments and two extra packing cubes for clothes, toiletry wash stuff and other. In all, it is good to carry all your needed items with you.

Along with the technical features creators of this backpack have taken care of its comfortability. RoySmart is ergonomically designed to lower the stress on your shoulders. Its multi-layer material designed to dissipate the heat and sweat rapidly to keep it comfortable and breathable.

RoySmartTtechnical Specifications
RoySmartTtechnical Specifications

For night security the RoySmart Lite has reflective Bar on the back to keep your travel safe even during the night. Whereas the PoySmat pro is designed with a flashlight to remind others to keep a safe distance. In addition, it is designed with the patented waterproof material and it also equipped with a rain cover.

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