Friday, February 23, 2024

The backpack that offers technological solutions to everyday commuter

Recently, a smart backpack introduced on the market that offers technological solutions to everyday commuter and enhances productivity. The designer of this bag, Fédia Jean-Claude, asserts is the first generation of the smart backpacks.

The BoomBag is more than a backpack. It is actually an intelligent, safe and wearable technology that will eventually reduce the number of electronic gadgets and other auxiliary items carried by the 21st-century commuter.

The backpack is one of those essential belongings or the storage accommodations for belongings every type of commuter require. However, musicians, music lovers, professionals, students, athletes, and any outdoor enthusiasts require advanced technologies along on the go.

Out of this necessity, the BoomBag is designed to fulfill your several technological needs. It features battery to recharge phones, battery booster to recharge tablets and laptops, two extractable power cords compatible with Android and iOS platforms, two USB ports. These electronic features are adequate to acquire your charging needs.

Battery percentage and USB port/LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity/speakers
Battery percentage and USB port/LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity/speakers

In addition, outdoorsmen will be thrilled knowing that it offers one audio jack, a camera to be used in junction with the BoomBags’s mobile application and Bluetooth connectivity. The integrated camera and mobile application can be used to watch out for traffic coming from behind.

As they said it is designed well for every kind of commuter so do it offers more features. Such as a pair of speakers to reach up to 115 dB, a built-in remote panel on the backpack’s shoulder straps for audio control, and LED lights and power button placed in the interior of the bag.

The BoomBag, indeed a backpack has a tracking device for emergency scenarios. Also, the SOS button to alert the bag owner’s emergency contact.

Undoubtedly, this bag is designed to be used in any weather conditions and so it is tailored from waterproof materials.

No matter what purpose you own to use a backpack, it considers your every need. It may be academic learning, athletic training, outdoor recreation, emergency communication, traffic safety or audiovisual entertainment.