Meet Auri, light that inspires

Our conventional notion about light is that it is to enlight home. This notion no longer exist. Because a global AI technology company, Ling Technology, have introduced ‘Auri’. It works as a standalone Voice interactive device and houses a world-class sound system.

Auri is the perfect tool to set the ambiance and keep your mind in peace always. It works on the Aurish Therapy to achieve mental wellbeing. This intelligent light with entrancing lighting will drag you back home when you are stressed.

Six Orders of LingUI
Six Orders of LingUI

As a research outcome of Six Orders of LingUI, Aurish is Auri’s language system which conveys natural and emotional ambiance through light and sound. Aurish therapy is a combination of light therapy and sound therapy to achieve mental wellbeing. Aurish emphasizes robot autonomy and affective interaction in the context of human-robot coexistence.

This system makes Auri autonomous, effective and alive.

Ambiance through light and sound
Ambiance through light and sound

The AI-empowered atmospheric lights imitate numerous different environments and make you feel calm. For instance, it emulates the ambiance of Rainforests, Beaches, Oceans, Mountains, and many more. This will be activated through a dedicated Auri’s application. Simply you have to choose an ambiance for your relaxation.

They stated, “Our team worked with the famous sound artist Xingyu Li who spends his time traveling around the world recording sounds from nature such as the rainforest, birds, and the waves moving across the water so that we can offer unique, ambient sounds specifically curated for Auri.”

Along with the light, Auri offers numerous unique ambient sounds to keep you engrossed in your work. Also, it would be a great aid to sleep better and improve your mood. Other than these calming sounds you can add flavor to your mood by choosing sounds from Alexa-compatible apps.

A team of Auri explained, “We have defined 26 combinations of light and sound to sync with your daily mood. Through “Aurish” you’ll be guided through a soothing and immersive ambient experience to lift your mood, help relax during meditation, or simply drift off to sleep.”

This perfect combination of light and sound makes it a perfect companion for yoga and meditation. However, to further enhance your experience Auri comes with several other accessories. Such as Auri oil diffuser to introduce a scent of nature around.

Auri soothes the atmosphere through visual, fragrance and sound. Which makes an aura perfect to help you fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed and improves your sleep quality. Eventually, it becomes the first device in the world to do so.

“Auri features a world-class sound system designed by top acoustic experts featuring technology that projects mind-blowing sound in every direction.” 

Whether it is your tired mood after work or the date night, Auri can tune perfect music for you. It can react to your mood and also you manually can preset everything. Such as romantic lighting, smooth jazz, and fragrance. Perfect setup!!

Unlike traditional lights, Auri’s LED light belts emit light onto the outer shell which diffuses evenly making it bright, glare-free, and flicker free. It guarantees over 50,000+ hours of lighting.

Auri’s sound quality
Auri’s sound quality

Auri that offers magical lighting also offers the fantastic sound quality. It devised an advanced full range transducer with passive radiators to deliver high-fidelity sounds. This high-fidelity audio is due to its PureTone audio and PurePath HybridFlow processing structure. The Omnidirectional Acoustic Deflector at the bottom empowers it to spread sound evenly in 360-degrees.

“The copper capped T-pole also reduces inductance significantly improving high-frequency responses while keeping least low-frequency distortion.”

Auri Touch Panel at the top
Auri Touch Panel

It houses a built-in voice AI enables you to play your favorite music, the news, set an alarm, and all the streaming services your smart voice assistant platform offers. The 4-microphone matrix on the top of Auri will hear your voice from all directions.

With human detection technology devised in Auri, you are not alone at home. Auri knows when you arrive at home, get up at night and any movement you make. It illuminates when you need it.

Technical Specifications of Auri
Technical Specifications of Auri

No need to search power outlets in the dark. It has a built-in dash Charge USB port to get it ready for a nightstand. Also, this provides overcharge protection.

Auri is the light devised AI features to control your home and create soothing ambiance with nature-inspired light and sound. You can customize your experience through Auri’s companion app. It is an all-in-one ultimate companion for your yoga and meditation.



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