Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Audi AI:ME, an autonomous city car of the future

Audi, a German automobile manufacturer known for providing luxury vehicles, has now unveiled a concept of an autonomous and all-electric vehicle. The concept called AI:ME was revealed at Auto Shanghai 2019.

It offers compact dimensions, a spacious, futuristic interior, and the ability to drive autonomously at level 4. Audi AI:ME combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, vehicle intelligence, and interaction intelligence to provide assistance to the driver.

A steering wheel is still given there if you want to drive the car. And when you want to become a passenger and enjoy its autonomous feature you can push the steering into the dashboard.

Fully autonomous but also comes with steering wheels
Fully autonomous but also comes with steering wheels

Design and Specs:

The whole interior of the car is made with Corian materials, wood, recycled products, and high-quality textiles that give it a very elegant, luxurious, and stylish look. There is a multifunctional, three-dimensional OLED monitor that runs below and along the entire length of the windshield and is used primarily in dialogue with eye-tracking control.

Audi explains, “It is thus only consistent that the Audi designers did not subordinate the interior of the Audi AI:ME to the shape of the body. On the contrary, they prioritized the interior and made it the core of the whole vehicle.”

Audi AI:ME- Rear view
Audi AI:ME- Rear view

Its exterior length is 4.3 meters and a width of 1.9 meters, with this compact design the Audi AI:ME takes up as much traffic space as a present-day compact car. Also, there is a long 2.77m wheelbase for greater interior space for up to four people.

Furthermore, AI:ME is powered by a battery unit with a storage capacity of 65-kilowatt-hours and a permanently excited synchronous motor of 125 kW (170 metric hp).

Designed for Users’ Comfort:

As the Audi explained, the autonomous car features a large surface area with a sunroof, windshield, and windows. Also, the lights can be insulated using electro-chromatic control.

Real plants in the interior
Real plants in the interior

Though it’s compact, it accommodates four passengers comfortably with plenty of luggage. In addition, the plants are fitted on the rear bench just to get a real feel of nature. The plant can also be useful to improve air quality and filter unwanted odors.

For users’ comfort and entertainment, Audi AI:ME comes with a high-quality audio system coupled with active noise control technology, magnetic cupholders, and onboard VR goggles.

LED units given on the body so it is clearly visible to all road users.
LED units are given on the body so it is clearly visible to all road users.

The LED lights are integrated into the car to allow it to be easily seen in the crowd. The LED units at the front and the micro matrix projectors can use easily identifiable symbols to signal to pedestrians when the AI:ME is letting them cross the road.

Undoubtedly, Audi AI:ME is an ultimate combination of comfort and luxurious style.