Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Atlas robot can perform gymnastics routine without losing balance

Video after video, the American company tracks the progress of its robots. The Atlas robot, known worldwide for its ability to perform skills similar to those of a human, reached a new milestone.

On Tuesday, Boston Dynamics posted a new video of its humanoid robot on their YouTube channel that showed off its impressive gymnastic skills. The video shows how this almost 5-foot robot manages to extend its legs, twist its torso and shake its arms to perform a complete gymnastics routine. It completes a series of somersaults, jumps, twists and a handstand before sticking the landing.

A new algorithm was used that tracks the robots’ motions and predicts its next maneuvers, according to the description written by Boston Dynamics. In comparison with the previous routines, the humanoid robot Atlas this time significantly improved its performance. While it has not yet reached the peak, the engineers behind the project said the success rate is approximately 80%.

So far, Boston Dynamics robots have shown that they are able to jump, lift objects, open doors, climb stairs, pull a truck, walk cleverly on the unsteady cinder block path and much more.