Thursday, February 22, 2024

Atalanta Biometric Wearable, tool to withstand the rigors

A team of experts and professionals carefully developed the ‘Atalanta’. It is the only wearable device to use NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) integrated with anatomical design. This is one of the packed technology features of Atalanta to give you ultra-precise data.

A team of Atalanta says, “We know that we’ve developed a super cool hardcore device that will satisfy the most demanding Pro or amateur athlete, whether you swim, cycle, run or “tri” we’re sure that Atalanta will give you that special edge to help you compete at the highest level.

The Atalanta is a unique device on the sports market due to its integrated technology and design. Namely, unbeatable connection despite your swim, run or ride.

Other wearable tools available use green light technology to transmit data and water and sweat causes connectivity problems. Conversely, Atalanta offers seamless connection and transmits the most accurate data.

Atalanta device structure
Atalanta device structure

Integrated technology called near-infrared spectroscopy precisely reads the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. NIRS combined with placement of Atalanta provides precision data with 98 percent accuracy. It is more than the regular green light technology.

This gadget also warns if discover any sign of dangerously elevated heart rate. Similarly, breathing monitor is calibrated personally to you and measures your respiratory rate and respiration depth. It also helps you monitor your calories actually burn.

The Atalanta tool monitors the body temperature. It will give a heat stroke warning so you can push yourself to the limit and still train safely. Along with this, you can use in two different ways; First is sports mode and Second is Live Mode.

In which, it offers up to 36 hours autonomy on Sports Mode and up to 5 hours autonomy on Live Monitoring.

While explaining the story behind this tool, the team said, Almost 100% of current wearable technology targets mainly male athletes, and despite this fact it is still rather uncomfortable for both men and women. We’ve designed a device fits comfortably on the ribcage with a sleek and unique shape. 

It uses medical grade Silicone to deliver a reliable performance without digging into the body. Almost every technology has loopholes and so this tool also has the drawbacks. Such as connectivity loss, data loss, no onboard memory, wide use of algorithmic estimation, contact loss thus imprecise heart rate, imprecise pulse due to use of green light technology, imprecise measuring places (wrist, head, electrodes on chest).

The Atalanta actually works together with a dedicated application where after pairing, the precise biometric data will be transferred. The unique dock will be constructed using hard maple-durable and strong like Atalanta.