Thursday, April 18, 2024

AstraCase: A wireless magnetic battery case

World’s first portable magnetic battery charger designed and developed by three people with an extensive experience. ‘AstraCase’ can be used with smartphones and other electronics on the move. It is designed with traveling convenience in mind.

Using this intuitive charger is easy, simply place the charger next to phones. It is two in one charger. You can use it as a phone case and can charge your battery.

The AstraCase is 100 percent certified by the Korean KC. It is built to protect and recharge your smartphone seamlessly.

AstraCase set of battery and case
AstraCase set

The AstraCase Wireless Battery and Case devised with a powerful magnet. Which is so strong to hold the smartphone with the case and vice versa. 

“The sense of unity between the battery and the phone case makes a synergy effect with its beautiful design.”

It is designed of an anti shattered glass and anti-collision design for durability. It is water-resistant and made from a non-slip material for a battery grip. It houses a PCBA Circuit 9 protection and the top quality polymer battery.

AstraCase Charging Ports
AstraCase Charging Ports

The AstraCase is compatible with any USB device. It equipped with an easy to read power display and has dual device charging potential.

Forget about the outlet, charging stations, and phone’s battery. Charge with AstraCase without any external charging source. This wireless battery case provides perfect battery fit. With dual charging functionality, you can charge your phone and camera simultaneously.

AstraCase Specifications
AstraCase Specifications

The amount of charge can be checked by the indicator provided on the AstraCase and can turn it on or off as per your need.

It is designed with durability and affordability in mind. The TPU material used to design this case enables you to attach and detach case to the phone easily.