aspara: Grow vegetables and herbs in your kitchen

We are well aware how the global environmental pollution and additives applied in agriculture have impacted food safety. It is one of the biggest concern around the world. Growgreen is a hi-tech hydroponic company destined to provide the best alternatives for better food quality in terms of safety, freshness, and nutrition.

The aspara™ is a new brand by Growgreen Limited and the first smart grower. It houses LED grow lights, an automatic watering system, and advanced sensors to grow fresh and healthy-to-eat vegetables and herbs inside your kitchen.

Dr. Humphrey Leung, aspara™Creator said, “The aspara™ smart indoor grow box is a miniaturized hydroponics farm system. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. The hydroponic growing method cuts out the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides and uses only 10 percent of the water that would be used in typical farming methods.”

When everyone all around urge to practice organic farming for many known reasons. Such as widely used synthetic chemicals and naturally occurring heavy metals. Though you may wish to grow vegetables at home, is obviously not an easy task. You may not have space, beneficial environment and many more.

To combat all such difficulties this emerging technology will grow vegetables and herbs inside your kitchen countertop. It houses built-in sensors to detect, keep tabs, report and record growth progress. Sensors monitor nutrient concentration, air temperature, humidity, water temperature and overall water content in the system.

Also, they will adjust lighting, water flow and planting modes on your plant’s necessities. Similarly, precise monitoring of the growth conditions timely gives information about the water and nutrients to be refilled into the system.

You can adjust the spectrum of intensity that spreads to the needs of different plants at different growth stages either automatically or by your personal preference. You can dim this light or make it white to take a photo.

It devised the reservoir water system automatically waters your seeds and plants based on the nutrient levels and stage of life. To save water this new tool has the automatic ebb-and-flow-design to recycle the water.

Aspara seed capsules
aspara seed capsules

“The aspara™ seed kits start with 15+ different organic and/or non-GMO seed capsules (selected) with nutrients that guarantee a 100% germination rate by just plugging the capsules into the specialty grow tray.”

Aspara app navigation
Aspara app navigation

It is designed with a companion mobile app. The aspara™ IoT connected app empowers you to monitor all the conditions inside this personal garden. Such as your plant’s light water, temperature, and nutrient information, and can track other activities inside this the aspara™.

How to use aspara™?

Start it with the seed capsules of your choice and fill the tank with water. Then press “Yes” to start planting. aspara™ has a function to alert you when care is needed. However, get ready to harvest your vegetables and herbs in just 30 days.

Dr. Leung, aspara™ Creator, said, “We can use advanced technology to provide the best environment for plant growth, then everyone can easily grow plants in their own home.”

aspara™ Specifications
aspara™ Specifications

aspara™ houses many amazing control systems, such as hydroponic gardening system, intelligent grow light, reservoir water system, seed kits, specialty grow tray, and smart sensors. Also, it is an environment-friendly accompanying app and has a digital interface.

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