Thursday, July 18, 2024

Asobo Studio showed real-time snow in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Last month, Asobo Studio released an update that made the Microsoft Flight Simulator program compatible with most VR headsets. But this was not the only novelty that was included.

Another of the implemented enhancements was the snow and ice coverage for Flight Simulator’s Live Weather feature. The new feature could make flying over virtual landscapes even more realistic.

The video, captured in 4K and shared by Microsoft Flight Simulator’s own account, shows a side-by-side comparison of the cabin view of an aircraft landing in both the game and in real life. It shows how maps you may have seen before would look like when covered with snow. You can see snow-caped mountains, powdery trees, and floating ice sheets, depending on where you are.

The snow cover and ice in the game change, taking into account the real weather conditions in each specific point of the planet. Certainly, an outstanding way to give more continuity to this impressive simulator, rediscovering the same places over and over again to see how they look at different times.

In addition to VR support and improved weather feature, the update also includes new tutorial missions, challenges, and more. It is worth noting that many people complain about some small optimization bugs when launching Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR. We’ll have to be patient before the developer fixes all major bugs in future updates.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is only available on PC so far, but it promises to reach Xbox Series X and S in the summer of 2021.