Thursday, March 23, 2023

Arcade-Pi: A mini Arcade game machine

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Every people love playing games. Most often, it seems that people engage with video games because it is their chosen medium of entertainment. People play games for many reasons like entertainment, challenges, emotional satisfaction, an alternative to negative behavior, stress relief and much more.

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. And Retropie is a game system that allows you to turn the Raspberry Pi or other PC into a retro-gaming machine.

Eckstein GmbH company has created “Arcade-Pi”, a mini machine that combines both Raspberry Pi and Retropie game. It looks just like an arcade game machine that typically found in public places like malls, restaurants, and amusement arcades.

The machine has a 10.1-inch IPS screen for displaying, whose resolution is 1024×600 with 60Hz refresh rate. For audio output, speakers are embedded on both sides of Arcade.

Arcade-Pi: Construction
Arcade-Pi: Construction

As the name suggested, the mini Arcade machine is very small and compact. When assembled, the machines’ size is just about 343mm x 260mm x 287mm.

As you can see, for adding more gaming fun, the team has added a Colorful joystick and eight buttons on its console panel. Using them, you can play thousands of classic games thanks to Retropie system.

Moreover, you can watch videos on the screen. Simply install a KODI system and visit video with Arcade.

There is a Power switch on the left side to turn on/off the power supply for Arcade. You need to plug 9V/2.5A power adapter (which is included) to charging interface on the back side.

In addition, the four USB port, and Network interfaces are available on the right side of Arcade. You can connect for external USB console or device for more entertainment.

Because this is a mini Arcade, can be placed on the desktop, so the team added four clear suckers on the bottom for holding.

Now, enjoy Arcade games at home and get a new experience.

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