Thursday, April 18, 2024

AppWEAR: Heated Tracking Jacket with Rescue Reflector

If you are anything like me who loves skiing, cycling, hiking, and any other outdoor activities, then you must be interested in a new, totally innovative heated tracking jacket.

The AppWEAR team has designed and created “AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket”, a tech wearable app Bluetooth app-controlled Heated Jacket and vest both for men and women. This jacket allows the user to control their climate with their smartphone or from a gummy button manually.

Let’s have a trip through it!

The jacket is designed with three heating pads, two in the front upper chest and one in the back. Composite heating system for durability and reliability.

People enjoying outdoors with AppWEAR
People enjoy outdoors with AppWEAR

Wash your jacket or vest in a delicate setting, and then hang dry, and you’re ready to go. Water and rain-resistant fabric with insulation for added warmth. It allows four levels of heat adjustability for your comfort when exploring the great outdoors.

AppWEAR uses YKK zippers that are water-resistant to keep your valuables dry.

These Warming Tracker Vest & Jacket are plenty warm without the extra heat even turned on. Both have insulation, but if you find you need some extra heat. Just turn it on and immediately heat up!

"AW" Push Button
“AW” Push Button

Additionally, the AppWEAR “AW” LED manual push button is given on the jacket’s right chest, allowing the user to toggle through 4 zones of heat. This durable silicon button allows the user to change their heat level manually. Adjust your level to your preferred temperature.

AppWEAR Application:

The team developed an AppWEAR App that allows the user to control the temperature as needed. Simply connect the jacket to the App using Bluetooth and control the temperature with 4 heat zones.

Control temperature with AppWEAR App

The AppWEAR mobile app will also track your movements and activities and provide visibility to others using the AppWEAR mobile app. The mobile application is supported by Bluetooth technology and is compatible with all Android and iOS phones.


In addition, using Geo-locating (visibility to friends on the trails or ski mountain), create a new trail and share it with friends.

Along with all this, the AppWEAR “Warming Tracker” jacket & vest include a RECCO reflector for additional safety.

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AppWEAR Battery:

It comes with a 7.4V 6600mAh rechargeable battery with USB that provides, after 30s, instant heat, up to 12 hours of heat on a single charge. The battery is designed with rounded corners for extra comfort and has a hard shell protective case.

Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Battery

Additionally, the AppWEAR battery can charge your mobile device. Just plug your USB cord into the battery port, and it will begin to charge.

Besides, the battery weighs just 0.48 pounds and comes with 3 LED battery life indicators, so know exactly how much juice you have left! Simply plug it into the wall charger to recharge it.

Moreover, the team provided the battery pocket on the inside wearers just above the lower pocket. This is a sweet spot where the battery sits virtually unnoticed. A person can have their cell phone in the opposite side pocket, giving an even balance.

The smart garments deliver comfort, warmth, and safety throughout the winter months and beyond.

AppWEAR heated jackets can be the best product for outdoor photographers also. Stay warm and get the perfect shot! Let the AppWEAR Warming Tracker Jacket or Vest be your go-to garment for your next outdoor adventure!