‘Appaloosa’, IndianxWorkhorse Scout Bobber

Many times we come across custom motorcycles which looks so amazing that we want to ignore any other details and appreciate their beauty. Okay, that time is now. People, this is a custom drag bike based on a 2018 Indian Scout Bobber called ‘Appaloosa’ from the hands of Brice Hennebert of Workhorse Speedshop in Belgium.

It is a 2018-model has been repaired by Brice Hennebert, to honor the 100th anniversary of the Indian Scouts. The first Indian Scout made its debut back in 1919.

It is a custom bike commissioned by Indian’s European office, destined to compete in the ‘Factory’ class at Sultans of Sprint. While the class limits competing for 2-wheelers to four-stroke motors, it has practically no limit on engine capacity as long as the power-to-weight ratio does not exceed 0.65 hp/kg.

Brice explains, “I wanted a name that could link Workhorse, Indian Motorcycle, and speed. As soon as I discovered that the American horse breed Appaloosa was one of the world’s fastest horses, I knew I had the name for an American sprint bike built by Workhorse. After putting so much into this build, I’m excited to see the reaction to it and I can’t wait to see Randy blast it down the racetrack.”

One of the odder-looking front ends we've seen in a while(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)
One of the odder-looking front ends we’ve seen in a while(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)

It’s hard to look at the open-nosed front fairing of this motorcycle and not think of early jet fighters like the Mig-15 and F-86 Sabre. The original tank is still in play- although it is been narrowed by 10cm, and hardly act as cover now. Hiding underneath it is a 2.5-liter fuel cell, just adequate for sprints.

"Fuel tank" has been chopped down to be a cover for a tiny fuel cell(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)
“Fuel tank” has been chopped down to be a cover for a tiny fuel cell(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)

There is no internal engine modification this time, but Workhorse has bumped the stock Scout’s 100 hp up to 130 hp. In addition, There’s fully adjustable Öhlins suspension at both ends and an Öhlins steering damper. Stopping the beast after each sprint is a complete Beringer 4D Aerotec braking system. It’s a setup that uses two discs per caliper, for maximum grip and reduced inertia.

Racing dash and shift light(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)
Racing dash and shift light(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)

Beringer also supplied the handlebar controls, and CNC machined a lot of smaller parts that Brice had designed. Rounding out the package is a set of clip-on, a custom top triple tree, and an AutoTech tacho.

Custom Akrapovic exhaust system
Custom Akrapovic exhaust system

This Indian Scout Bobber now features a direct intake, a racing ECU and Power Commander, and a Nitrous Oxide injection system, with the bottle housed in the tail hump. It also has a full Akrapovič exhaust system, but not one that you can order online. Brice took the bike to Akrapovič HQ for them to custom build the system, specifically for this bike.

The stock Indian Scout's belt drive has been swapped for a chain(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)
The stock Indian Scout’s belt drive has been swapped for a chain(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)

Power is sent to the back wheel via a chain, rather than a belt, and there’s a quick-shifter to keep gear shifts slick. The cooling system’s also been lightened and upgraded, with a bunch of components from Vibrant Performance.

Appaloosa will be piloted by none other than MotoGP legend, Randy Mamola. It’s a special occasion for Indian too—this year is the 100th anniversary of the Scout so Randy will be wearing special Alpinestars leathers that hark back to the uniforms of the original Indian Wrecking Crew.

500cc GP legend Randy Mamola is signed up to race this thing(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)
500cc GP legend Randy Mamola is signed up to race this thing(Credit: Indian Motorcycle)

Randy Mamola says, “I’ve always been a big fan of Indian Motorcycle and I’m really looking forward to racing this amazing creation. It’s great to be part of this project, especially during the Scout’s 100th anniversary. With the Sultans of Sprint being such a unique series, it’s going to be a lot of fun soaking up the atmosphere, meeting the crowds and putting on a show for them.

All you need to know that this is one hell of a beauty which you probably can’t stop staring at.

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