Friday, May 31, 2024

ANL completes a sailing on low emission biofuel in Oceania

ANL, a subsidiary of French container and logistics shipping giant CMA CGM Group, has completed the first successful biofuel trial on a containerized shipping vessel within Oceania. Biofuel-powered sailing is a major step towards the decarbonization of ocean freight.

For the trial, the carrier vessel completed a 42-day rotation, commencing in Brisbane, traveling via Southeast Asia and then onto key Australian ports. The trail voyage used a B20 biofuel blend with feedstock supplied by Queensland-based EcoTech, while BP Marine and Port of Brisbane played a pivotal role in supplying and bunkering the blended fuel.

The Queensland Government has also supported the trial through its Biofutures 10-year Roadmap and Action Plan, which is building on the state’s emerging strengths in biofutures and biofuels to secure local jobs, demonstrating Queensland is a leading destination for clean energy investment. The prospect of being able to transport these goods with lower emissions could positively impact tens of thousands of consumers from this one sailing.

Woolworths Group is one of the key partners in this biofuel trial, looking to invest in new opportunities to lower supply chain emissions across the board.

With the goal of achieving Net Zero carbon by 2050, ANL, as a part of the CMA CGM Group, is heavily investing in energy transition using the best technical solutions available today while proactively preparing for the future. Their clients are also becoming increasingly interested in eco-friendly alternatives. Woolworths Group itself has already reduced its own emissions by 27% on the path to becoming net carbon positive by 2050.

The CMA CGM Group already operates two vessels today, 27 vessels “e-methane ready,” and will have a total of 44 vessels by the end of 2024. It is also using biofuel onboard container ships that serve Intra-Europe. Biofuel, together with alternative fuels such as LNG and biomethane, among others, will make up 10% of the CMA CGM Group’s energy mix by 2023.