Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Anduril unveils AI-powered Ghost 4 drone for military and commercial use

The American company Anduril presented the Ghost 4, an autonomous VTOL sUAS that uses the company’s Lattice AI platform allowing it to autonomously detect, classify, and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth or contested environments. The drone is modular, man-portable, and waterproof and combines long endurance, high payload capacity, and a near-silent acoustic signature for a wide variety of mission capabilities.

The drone is primarily designed for military purposes and provides real-time surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance capabilities, creating a clearer common operating picture that enables servicemen and women to make more informed decisions.

A single operator can accomplish complex tasks using any number of Ghosts – from a single airframe to large swarms. Groups of Ghosts can collaborate to achieve mission objectives that are impossible to achieve with a single unit. It can also carry different payloads to accommodate a wide range of missions, such as interfering with enemy communications, locating military installations, or using an infrared laser to direct weapons at a target.

The drone is capable of flying over 100 minutes.
The drone is capable of flying over 100 minutes. Credit: Anduril

The Lattice’s AI core allows Ghost 4 to perform 32 trillion operations per second, which is 100 times faster than other drones currently sold, according to Anduril.

The device is 2.7 meters long, and its height and width are 0.4 meters. The fuselage of the drone is foldable to fit in the transport case. When folded, the drone is 1.1 meters long. The developers claim that the electric drone is capable of flying over 100 minutes and can be assembled in less than 60 seconds by a single operator.

Besides, Ghost 4’s direct-drive motor and advanced rotor design are significantly quieter than most quadcopters. To keep everything secure, Ghost 4 can run on secure closed-loop networks or encrypted backhaul networks, allowing it to be controlled securely from anywhere in the world.

Ghost 4 uses a modular gimbal system that can be swapped out in a few seconds to suit the mission’s needs. It can also be equipped with additional systems, including sensor balls, electronic warfare systems, spotlights, designators, communication relays, and loudspeakers. Finally, it should be noted that the drone is made of carbon fiber and metal alloys, so it is relatively light and can be transported easily in a backpack.

Last fall, Anduril unveiled the Interceptor drone, which can be part of a perimeter intrusion defense system and is designed to intercept intruder drones.