Friday, February 23, 2024

Analog Motion AMX, the lightest and most affordable performance e-bike

Motion, a startup that was introduced last year when it crowdfunded its line of low-priced urban e-bikes called the AM1. It literally kept its promises and shipped hundreds of well-received bikes. Now, the personal electric vehicle company is about to launch the second and all-round improved generation of e-bikes, “the AMX” on the market.

The new AMX is available in three different frame variants: the AMX Classic, AMX Step, and the third one are compact AMX Mini with mini frame and small 20″ wheels.

AMX Classic urban e-bike
AMX Classic urban e-bike

A removable battery shaped like a water bottle is attached to the middle frame of each bike. Technically speaking, the batteries of the AMX Classic and Step make about 187 Wh at 36 volts for up to 32 km range. Optionally, there is a battery with 252 Wh capacity.

On the other hand, the AMX Mini comes with a smaller 24 Volt and 125 or 168 Wh battery. The battery offers up to 27 miles on a single charge. A new ultra-compact OLED display allows keeping an eye on your bike performances.

AMX Urban E-Bike OLED-Display

The engine of the various Amx e-bikes has 250 W power and is located in the rear wheel. 180 mm disc brakes and large tire against holes are other common features. The e-bikes do not exceed the weight of 15 kg, which allows around 35 km range extendable to 45 km for all models. More than enough, when it comes to moving around the city.

The AMX Mini:

It is the most compact bike in this iteration with its 138 cm from wheel to wheel. It weighs less than 13kg and has the same 35 km range as AMX Step and AMX Classic. The Mini version models aimed for a small footprint, especially for those who reach the office by bike.

AMX Mini e-bike
AMX Mini e-bike

AMX Classic:

The Classic e-bikes adapt to those who still prefer a sporty driving style. The model has an aluminum frame, weighing around 15kg. This makes it very fast, agile, and still easy to carry up a flight of stairs.

The 250W rear-wheel drive gives you the boost that you need simply by pedaling. Besides, the motor has zero resistance, which allows the bike to run like a regular bike when the power goes down.

AMX Step:

AMX Step e-bike
AMX Step e-bike

It is the most “comfortable” Amx e-bike. The features and prices similar to the Classic, but a structure that allows a higher driving position and therefore less tiring for all types of public.

The Step line allows the seated position, and the oblique central tube allows you to put on the vehicle more comfortably.

All models are equipped with a single-speed drive without gearshift. The AMX Classic and AMX Step have mechanical disc brakes from Tektro, and the AMX Mini has conventional rim brakes.

The company is raising funds on Indiegogo, where the AMX-Mini is available for a mere €499 (around $545) to order. Road model with drop handlebars for €799 about $872) and some limited edition bikes available in Classic and Step frames for €959 about $1,047). And the deliveries scheduled for February 2020. You can visit the campaign page for more detailed information.