Saturday, December 2, 2023

AMD Ryzen 4000 could be 17% more faster than the Ryzen 3000

It is a rumor, yes, but it has been around the Internet for a few weeks, and now it is taking a shape from various sources that bring some more light to the matter. It is reported that the new Ryzen 4000 processors, which will carry the Zen 3 architecture, could be up to 17% faster than the current Ryzen 3000.

The arrival of AMD Ryzen 3000 processors has meant a major change in the CPU market. These new processors based on 7nm lithography and a new internal structure offer very good performance. And now, in this new year, we might see the Ryzen 4000 based on the 7nm+ lithograph that should be 17% faster than the Ryzen 3000.

Its great performance improvement is due to the implementation of a new internal structure. Ryzen processors are now based on one or more DIE and an I/O DIE. This allows for more efficient management of communication between the cores and RAM, and performance is improved. It is revealed that its design is completed, and now it is in the laboratory phase to adjust frequencies and other parameters, such as voltage.

Zen core architecture generations
Zen core architecture generations

The Zen2 architecture (Ryzen 3000) improve performance by 15% with respect to Zen + (Ryzen 2000). Making the leap from 7nm of TSMC to 7nm EUV of TSMC will mean a 17% increase in performance. In addition, these processors with Zen 3 architecture will suppose an increase of frequencies of between 100-200MHz.

Some sources suggest that there will be an increase of up to up to 50% in Zen 3’s Floating Point Units (FPU) compared to Zen 2, while integer operations should make do with a 10-12% increase. This gives an increase in a mixed mode of the order of 17% or a little more.