Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Amazon launches a portable battery-powered Echo Speaker in India

With the great success of portable speakers and, more recently, of the smart ones, Amazon dominates the smart speaker market and has a wide variety of devices for all types of customers. However, the only pending point was a speaker with an external battery that we could carry everywhere without a problem, and now this has become a reality.

It’s called Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition and is currently available only in India. The smart speaker has a built-in 4800 mAh battery that guarantees up to 10 hours of continuous music playback and 11 hours of standby time.

It comes with fabric design, 360 degrees sound, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, voice control with all the Alexa skills – get help when your hands are full. The dimensions of this Amazon Echo are 72 x 102 x 102 mm, and it weighs only around 448 grams, making it easy to carry room to room while listening to music, uninterrupted.

Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker  Specs
Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Specs

Besides, like other devices in the family, Alexa inside is compatible with the same music services as other Echo, so we can use our Spotify account, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other services to listen to music.

In addition to the traditional buttons for recalling Alexa, turning off the microphones, and adjusting the volume, this battery-powered Echo is also equipped with 4 LEDs that indicate the remaining battery charge. The battery can be recharged fully via the power supply included in the package.

However, the 3.5mm jack input that serves as audio input or output in other Amazon Echo will not be there in the new model; instead, the only port we are going to find is the micro-USB, which is used to charge the device.

In India, it is offered at the list price of 5,999 Indian rupees (about $84), but it can be purchased at the launch price of 4,999 rupees ($70) with first deliveries starting from 18 December. Amazon has said it plans to launch this new Echo in other markets but has not disclosed when or where.