Thursday, May 23, 2024

Now, Amazon Alexa can remind you that it’s time to take medicine

Amazon has a high-level future in mind for Amazon Alexa, the digital assistant that is increasingly growing and trying to outperform Google Assistant. As announced directly by the American giant in the portal dedicated to developers, Amazon declares that Alexa’s voice is about to undergo major changes.

American users will be able to set different types of vocal intonations for the digital assistant, who will be able to express joy and excitement or disappointment and empathy. Obviously, Alexa will be able to automatically modulate which type of voice style to use based on the questions that are asked.

Well, Amazon’s plans for Alexa go far beyond vocal sounds and styles to bring out some kind of emotion. The American giant is setting up a system to manage medical prescriptions directly through the use of its own voice. Currently, the pilot project is available only to users of the East and Midwest coasts who are customers of Giant Eagle Pharmacy.

When users add their Giant Eagle Pharmacy profile to Alexa’s skills, they can govern almost every aspect of their medication without lifting a finger. In fact, in addition to managing reminders by activating the function with the keyword “Alexa, manage my medication,” the voice assistant will also be able to remind the user which medicine to take and how many times a day.

Being a very delicate and personal aspect, Amazon has set up a rather granular system to manage better the privacy of those who will use Alexa for medical prescriptions. Before providing information about the medicines to be taken, Alexa first recognizes the user through his/her voice and then ask him for the personal passcode he has created during the setup process.

If the first or second step does not match the information saved by Alexa, then the user will not be able to manage or regain the same medical prescriptions.

Amazon says that currently only members of Giant Eagle Pharmacy can set Skill to take medications regularly, but will add more cosmeceutical channel partners in the future. In the future, more intelligent voice assistants can be expected to be added with medical-related functions, and even the possibility of telemedicine.