Friday, March 24, 2023

This weird one-wheeled electric motorcycle can hit a top speed of 48 km/h

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The increasing popularity of electric motors has made manufacturers continue innovating and offering products that can attract consumers. One of these products is Alibaba EV, the strangest one-wheeled self-balancing electric motorcycle you’ve ever seen.

Of course, more than a means of transport, this weird single-wheel electric motorcycle looks more like a toy. Even though the size is small, the details are enough to pay attention to. At first glance, the body looks similar to a naked Ducati Monster with its striking red trellis frame and muscular faux tank.

This weird one-wheeled electric motorcycle can hit a top speed of 48 km/h.
It can hit a top speed of 48 km/h. Credit: Alibaba

This unique one-wheeled electric motorcycle has 2,000 watts of power and a top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h) – much like a regular moped. Weighing just at 40 kg, this electric vehicle from Alibaba is equipped with a battery capacity of up to 1,360 Wh, and the listed charge times are 3-12 hours. The manufacturer claims that its Panasonic battery – depending on the different battery capacity – can roam up to 35-60 miles (60-100 km) of range on a single charge.

The wheel you drive measures 22 inches and is 7.5 inches wide, so not completely different from what you find on a traditional motorcycle. And it can probably come in handy when you are driving.

This weird one-wheeled electric motorcycle can hit a top speed of 48 km/h.
It promises a range that can go up to 100 kilometers. Credit: Alibaba

The strangest part of this electric unicycle is the handlebar-mounted brake lever. What happens when you pull that brake lever in an emergency stop maneuver is beyond me. If this is a self-balancing vehicle and the motor always slows down or speeds up as necessary to keep the rider centered above it, then wouldn’t pulling a brake just throw him over the front end?

In a video of the product this unicycle seems to work just fine. At least as long as the surface is flat.

Interested parties can purchase this online on the Alibaba website. This fancy little toy starts at $1,800 and can set you back up to $2,800, depending on where in the world you’re ordering from.

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