AISION watches inspired by Space and UFO

In the modern world, people do not use the watch only to check time rather they flaunt with their watch. Because watch has become a status symbol and signal to power and authority. In this scenario, selecting a unique design is far important.

AISION, a company believes that the beauty exists in the smallest of details, has landed with the ‘AN-S01’. It is their first product and milestone in the journey to design and develop the unique aesthetics of AISION.

The design of this ‘AN-S01’ watch is inspired by “SPACE”. The team said, “We skillfully applied hemisphere glass to greatly increase the design capacity of the dial. We created a streamlined and stereoscopic dial. The unique case design molds the watch into a UFO shape, matching the design theme “Space”.

What if we say,  case design is inspired by UFO? Yes, indeed.

Hesalite Glass
Hesalite Glass

Its case is inspired by the public’s impression of UFO. For this purpose, they used high dome Hesalite glass corresponds to the shape of the UFO. Besides, to give the case an exceptional light reflection, they used the different metal finishing on the case.¬†Eventually, watch looks like a UFO.

AISION Fonts Design
AISION Fonts Design

The entire design of this watch is exceptional. Even the dial is curated so innovatively. The first main part is the metal skeleton, which is inspired by the streamline of the wheel. The second part is the disc hands. A team designed their own fonts to match this amazing design.

The Miyota caliber 82S0 is from the 8215/821A family but offers a skeletonized dial design. Miyota claims that the caliber 82S0 offers accuracy of -20 ~ +40 seconds per day. This is measured within 10-60 minutes from a full wind via the crown. To fully wind the movement, turn the crown 40 times. The winding direction of the rotor is counterclockwise.

AISION Specifications
AISION Specifications

As AISION team claims that the beauty exists in the smallest of details, these watch straps are also unique. Straps are made by genuine leather and are 22/20mm with 8 holes. They are designed perfectly to fit 16 to 19 cm wrists and comes in two colors, black and white combination and black crazy horse.


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