AirPlus – Wireless Charging Protective Case for AirPods

HiQ, a startup company from Melbourne, AU introducing a new a wireless charging protective case- AirPlus for AirPods. The design aim is to complete your AirPods with all protections and wireless charging.

Carefully crafted, user-centered design so that you can feel the assured quality with a simple touch of your hand.

AirPlus, a product with modern and useful features paying attention to the smallest detail. It’s for everyone, not only people with a wireless charger. It comes with a built-in notification LED that works perfectly fine with any Qi-standard Wireless Charger.

The device also acts as a precious made, a vibrant color case that can be converted into a necklace or keychain.

How does it work?

The user needs to pop their Airpods into AirPlus. No additional strings are required. Bye cable, bye yesterday. Hello wireless, hello tomorrow.

Once your Airpods are charged, the user just needs to push it lightly. Charge it wirelessly, the same amount of time as cable, and more stylish.

Unlike the other products, with AirPlus, the AirPod’s pairing button is still accessible. No need to remove AirPlus just to press the button.

It is available in 5 colors: Serenity, Youthfulness, Optimism, Passion, and Sophistication.