Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Air.Wear: The wearable AirPods charger

Now a day AirPods are in trend, as these are loved by everyone. People using AirPods, who live on the go, get calls all the time, listen to music and travel all the time, can face the battery drainage problem. In one charge a person can use the AirPods for around 4 to 5 hours and then users need to charge it. To charge it, users must remove it and put it in the charging case to charge.

This can interrupt the user while working or having a conversation. The charging cases are good, but the users need to carry it in the pocket or in the bag, which becomes troublesome sometimes. Carrying the wallets plus this charging case can be hectic.

So, to overcome this drawback of the existing AirPods charging technique, the inventor Benjamin Farkas has designed the non-case charger, which makes our AirPods more portable. using this new technique, the user can charge the AirPods even when they are on the call or while enjoying the music. It also saves time.

Air.Wear working
Air.Wear working

For charging the AirPods, users just need to plug this charger to the AirPods and it charges. It looks like a wire which has a battery in it, which provide 4 times full charging to both the AirPods. This AirPods charger can be recharged by simply plugging it to a USB-C port of the mobile phone.

It can be used by everyone, who use AirPods such as:

  • The person who wears jeans, leggings, skirts, because it does not require any charging case, which we need to carry in the pocket.
  • A person who travels the most by bus or train for work.
  • One who party all the time and go out at night.
Air.Wear magnetic locking system
Air.Wear magnetic locking system

This charger is small, easy to carry and wearable. It provides magnetic locking system and long-life battery.