Thursday, April 18, 2024

AI-powered gadgets enable highly-personalized machine intelligence

Tier3D is a team who believe that the time of Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality has come and has the plan to enable it. They designed the set of gadgets which are more engaging and useful, also will increase productivity.

They said, “We have re-imagined and redesigned gadgets to enable the AI and we have created a completely novel set of applications and UI to enable the software part of it.” 

This set of gadgets includes a smartphone, smartwatch and mixed reality gadgets. They connect to the Tier3D AI cloud and contribute to human-like artificial intelligence. Simply, it makes your work easier and be done before you thought of doing it.

For instance, if you go to a meeting wearing Tier3D smartwatch and out of the discussion you are expected to prepare a presentation and send it the next day. Your Tier3D smartwatch will understand your conversation and automatically creates a highly specific presentation.

Specifications of smartwatch

Tier3D Smartwatch
Tier3D Smartwatch

They explained, “Watch has a passive sensing mode for Artificial Intelligence to capture video and video for AI modeling and help. Passive AI understanding helps you by automatically doing things for you. Similarly, it has a unique AI enabled apps like health app for deeper health insights like biomechanics.”

Tier3D smartwatch Intelli-strap design is so user-friendly. It has rigid sensor blocks with a loop for tightening and has locks for docking the phone. You can use gestures to control the UI single-handedly.

One of the three Tier3D gadgets, smartphone, devised an AI technology that enables an AI to apps interface from the cloud. Native apps can use the AI cloud with local processing to distribute the work between the cloud and the local processor.

Specifications of Tier3D phone

Tier3D phone specifications
Tier3D phone specifications

This smart device devised sensor panel which allows the best angle for capture from every position. The phone locks over the smartwatch, we have just learned about, for handsfree operation. Even you can use gestures to monitor the UI with a single hand.

Just like Tier3D phone and watch, glass also have a novel design for crowdsourcing AI. The proprietary display design of glass allows an easy transition from Mixed Reality to Virtual Reality mode. The rendering on the display is optimized using the AI cloud with Locality Focus for improved and stress-free viewing.

Tier3D glass specifications
Tier3D glass specifications

Tier3D glass is compact to be carried in the pocket. Like the rest two gadgets, you can use gestures to control the UI with a single hand.

Similarly, the Tier3D software empowers you to create models, apps, and content and monetize them through everyday interactions.