Agazzi Urban Backpack with a Fingerprint anti-theft system

Secure your backpack just to protect your valuables is really a good choice when you are on-the-go. But the keys are more likely to look and combinations easy to forget. If you are one of them who always wanted to replace that unpleasant lock of your backpack with a fingerprint sensor that does the same job. Here I got really exciting news for you people.

It’s time to ditch the lock and dump your old backpack too — meet the Agazzi bag that’s taking anti-theft protection to the next level. Italian company Agazzi Designs have created this urban backpack, a tech-focused accessory that aims to provide users a range of functionalities that every user can think of.

The bag looks very stylish, eye-friendly and comfortably designed to solve many of the problems faced in the harsh urban environment. It is the first urban backpack with an anti-theft fingerprint scanner.

Agazzi Backpack: Key Features
Agazzi Backpack: Key Features

Feel secure and live confidently:

Agazzi’s revolutionary anti-theft fingerprint lock keeps your belongings safe at all times. A strong stainless steel retractable cable enables you to lock your backpack compartments no more worries about theft as well as allows you to secure the backpack to a fixed object, providing peace of mind in crowded places.

Anti-theft Fingerprint Lock
Anti-theft Fingerprint Lock

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Additionally, it features discretely integrated external lighting. It will make sure whether you are cycling or walking in the dark you will always be safe on the road.

A multi-functional backpack:

Besides, it comes with a hidden “charge on the go” system, a built-in USB-rechargeable battery that lets you charge the phone on the way. You will never run out of battery power and always stay connected and productive.

A concealed charge on-the-go system
A concealed charge on-the-go system

Over 15 dedicated pockets and two separate compartments can be used for separating all of your items to prevent them from being misplaced or lost. Internal lighting illuminates the main compartment, enabling you to easily find your items in the dark.

Over 15 dedicated pockets and two separate compartments
Over 15 dedicated pockets and two separate compartments

When it comes to storage, the Agazzi can hold 23 liters of items to take with you.

Made with durable water resistant materials
Made with durable water resistant materials

Moreover, Agazzi Urban Backpack is built to last and made with durable water-resistant materials and zips as well as all-custom metal accessories. The Agazzi has a lifetime warranty, according to the manufacturer.

What else?

It is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort, durability and is a joy to carry. It comes with rotating shoulder straps, adjustable chest strap, unique adjustable buckles for user convenience.

In addition, the high-quality breathable mesh allows air to flow through the material and escape keeping your back cooler. The backpack stands up when set-down and will not collapse like most traditional backpacks.


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