AddBike transforms your bike into a practical, easy to handle cargo bike

Why this innovation? What’s the point? Is it safe and easy to drive? All these questions are surely going through your mind, seeing this picture. And it makes sense.

Adding some innovative accessories to the bicycles can make your regular bike a credible alternative solution for everyday urban commuting. A group of French entrepreneurs also think the same and they have come up with their innovative concept. They developed the AddBike – a two-wheeled cargo carrier that replaces a bike’s front wheel. A simple and innovative e solution that transforms your bike into a practical, easy to handle cargo bike.

The AddBike features a built-in axle that the host bike’s front drop-outs slide onto, which means that the carrier does not work with bicycles that have thru-axles, nor is it recommended for bikes with carbon frames.

The AddBike - a two-wheeled cargo carrier that replaces a bike's front wheel.
The AddBike – a two-wheeled cargo carrier that replaces a bike’s front wheel.

As the AddBike is fitted on your bike’s fork, you then temporarily clamp its brake lever onto the handlebars, alongside the bike’s existing front brake lever. When you subsequently squeeze the add-on lever, it activates the AddBike’s dual hydraulic disc brakes.

The tilting mechanism of the carrier’s front wheels helps to keep the bike stable. It is possible to adjust the resistance of the tilting mechanism, so riders can get used to it if they are riding on it the first time. Besides, you can also change the fore/aft positioning of the wheels relative to the rest of the AddBike, that allows optimum weight distribution while carrying a load, and a shorter wheelbase when traveling empty.

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In addition, the carrier can be locked in an upright position when parked, allowing for easier loading and unloading. The two-wheeled cargo carrier weighs around 13 kg (28.7 lb) and can carry the maximum load of up to 35 kg.

On top of the AddBike, it is possible to attach a variety of purpose-specific carrying attachments for different needs of transportation. It comes with the three different installation modules specifically designed for the AddBike. These modules give your bike the capacity to carry bulkier loads, groceries or a child.

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The product is available via various European retailers with the price tag of €850 (about US$938). There is no need to invest in expensive and large cargo bicycles. With the AddBike you can quickly and easily turn your own bike into a compact cargo bike.


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