Wednesday, April 17, 2024

2020 Cafe: A new electric bicycle with ‘retro’ charm from Vintage Electric

These days, a number of electric bike models are coming to the market, with tremendously original and attractive ideas and concepts. There are many electric bikes that serve us to go quietly through the city, the mountains, the snow or the beach and enjoy the scenery and the good weather.

Vintage Electric, a Californian company that counts its work for retro tributes, ranging from classic cars to, as in this case, bicycles that look like 50s models. The only difference is the presence of an electric motor.

Now, the company has introduced an all-new 2020 Cafe, the electric commuter bike updated with a powerful and more intuitive Vintorque Drivetrain. The model, which carries the retro design line to the future, has a curved chrome-molybdenum alloy frame, with two really nice color combinations. It features precious maple or walnut wood trimmings, where the manufacturer’s logo is laser engraved.

It features precious maple or walnut wood trimmings.
It features precious maple or walnut wood trimmings.

The new 2020 Cafe comes equipped with a 750-watt hub motor with Vintorque, which enables you to accelerate to 28 mph (45 km/h) easily with the help of continuous pedal support. All new and powerfully intuitive Vintorque drivetrain technology with 5 levels of pedal assist ensure that you’ll get the dressed down workout you want or the business casual cruise you need.

This 53 lbs (24 kg) bike brings great convenience, especially when climbing uphill with pedal support it brings a range of 20 to 60 miles (32-97 km) depending on the driving style.

A removable 8-V/10.4-Ah battery is placed just above the pedals
A removable 8-V/10.4-Ah battery is placed just above the pedals.

This retro-styled electric bicycle has a removable 8-V/10.4-Ah battery that is placed just above the pedals and that we can charge both at home and at the office since only a common plug is needed to start recharging. The bike provides instant information about the battery status, speed and performance from the small screen on its handlebar. The city-centered electric bike, which also has a built-in lighting system, is built on 29-inch wheels and is designed for one person.

The announced price of the 2020 Cafe electric bike is exactly $3,995. It is available in three different sizes and two different color options, red and bronze.